ONKK Cue Direct Drive Turntable


The flagship product of ONKK Limited UK, Cue fuses ultra modern design, innovative engineering and contemporary aesthetics to deliver superlative, mastertape-like sound reproduction.
This brand new direct-drive turntable employs high precision DSP speed control, a bespoke resonance-damped aluminium plinth, unique pistonic suspension system and a silent ceramic bearing.
Cue offers a choice of three speeds (33, 45 and 78RPM), which can be adjusted in 1/100 RPM steps, memorised and recalled at the touch of a button. This is done by a simple, intuitive and ergonomic user interface that conceals its underlying sophistication.
Meticulous attention has been paid to mechanical vibration isolation, with the specially designed mass-damped cast aluminium plinth and unique pistonic suspension system providing excellent immunity from external resonance.
The silent, wearless ceramic bearing is designed to last for generations. Its special material allows a minute contact point which significantly reduces drag and permits instantaneous motor response to changing load conditions. Speed fluctuations are sensed and adjusted in milliseconds.
The culmination of five years of exacting product development, Cue is handmade in the United Kingdom to the highest possible standards, and comes with a five year parts guarantee. It is designed to provide superlative sound quality, as well as forming the centrepiece of any contemporary home interior.
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