• This brand new premium system support is designed to separate hi-fi equipment from both ground and air-borne vibrations. It sinks air-borne vibration down to the floor, while isolating the ground borne-vibration going the other way.

  • Its four platforms have outriggers which use a novel system of knife-edge contact points, slotting into self-damped Delrin washers via a cam system. The inner plinths use Delrin cones against rising-rate sorbothane damping.

  • The 25mm platforms are made from specially selected MDF with the option of satin black or soft white. The uprights offer a variety of shelf spacings, and come in a choice of Wenge or Oak. The former is tighter and crisper sounding, the latter is warmer and more sumptuous.

  • The system has the no-cost option of a top-table for those who don’t wish to extend the system further upwards, but the system can be extended up to eight tiers and can be configured to suit a variety of equipment heights.

  • The rear of the rack has cut-outs for cable management if required. Proper use of this will further increase sonic performance, because cables themselves are microphonic and correct dressing will help to sink vibrations in them.

  • Meticulous attention-to-detail in the design process, alongside ‘audiophile best practice’ used at every point in the design, means ISOO delivers superlative sound quality – better than any other rack at the price. As well as a beautiful equipment support, it’s a dramatic sonic upgrade too.

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